Wednesday, October 17

A few of my favorite things....


The Mimi Collection Stationary, I saw this in Instyle magazine and thought wow, every Glamour girl deserves a bit of paper novelty! Great gift for every princess.

Dior Play, Iit's by far the cutest thing to hit Sephora since the Dior Princess Ring. Inside is a lucious lipgloss. Get yours at

Bebe Swarwoski Crystal Evening Clutch, Bebe is known to dress malnutritioned 13 year olds but they also have a fabulous clothing line not to mention great accessories like this bag. Get it while it's hot.

Sex & The City Entire Series Collector's Edition, The best show tp ever exist is now available all together, each and every ridiculously funny episode is now available in one set. No more re-runs, no need to set the Tivo. Think of the fun viewing parties to be had.

There you have it, some great things that needed to be praised de jour. My other picks include, The Icecream Man gift box by philosophy, The beaded Camisole that's oh so popular by The Limited and also a bottle of pure Shiraz. -M

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