Tuesday, February 21

Heatherette, You Slay Me

I always say designers should be really eccentric. Richie Rich and T are just that. But what I love about them is that they are so intelligent and know exactly how to make the most random thing (take hello kitty for instance) and make it into something fabulous, i.e., Hello Kitty Couture. Their shows are always so much fun and it brings together everyone from Club Kids to Park Ave Princesses. I loved their Fall 06' collection. after seeing all thos eboring and bland shows Heatherette was like a fresh breathe of air. Here are Mimi's Picks. Ciao.

Volumous Dresses are a must in the coming seasons! Stock Up Buttercup.

Club Kids, Say yes! Metallics were all over fall runways. I don't mind. As long as it doesn't look cheesy, go for it. Don't do it in the daytime. No matter what.

Tres Chic, I loved this look. Especially The apple motif. Stripes stripes and more stripes. Just be careful with horizontal stripes.If you can't pull it off then stay away. You might end up looking more like an obese prisoner than a chic French sex kitten.

These are my all time fave looks from Heatherette. They're all out NY glamour and I just love that. I don't know if high street stores will pick up on this trend but I would be in heaven if they did.


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I love those sunglasses.