Thursday, April 13

India Fashion Week - Version Lakme

It's a must see for any fashion fiend. With over 70 shows, 30 in Bombay and then 40 more in Delhi, it can be at times a little overwhelming. But if you're like me you see you'll never get sick of the beads, the sequins the glitter and fake gold eyelashes. I was in love with a lot of the collections this year. I usually find Indian fashion to be oh so, odd? Eccentric? Plain weird? For one the way Indian designers style their collections is weak. They put too much garish into one outfit leaving one to think all the pieces bizarre. While in reality each piece alone is magnificent and awfully beautiful. I never understood why more Indian designers couldn't just stick with their beautiful and exotic roots and create amazing garments using ancient Indian techniques and mixing them with modern flair. It was a spectacular event that was amazingly star studded with everyone from John Abraham (my dream guy) to Aqib Afzall, the famed cricket player. This year's debuts included, Surily Goel and Anupamaa Daya. They were apart of Lakme's Seven Emerging Designers. Both had amazingly detailed gypsy dresses. Other mentionable collections include Ritu Beri's glam and glitzy pink collection which had me at hello! Maheka Mirpuri had a very cute collection with tons of embroidery. Shahzad Kalim, I loved the european feel of this collection. Last but not least, Nandita Mahtani's collection was a breath of fresh air! We have the same design aestetics and her clothes are awe inspiring, i love it it's the closet essential collection for the girly girl.
Suneet Varma for Tuscan Verve. Oh god. I mean seriously Men's fashion in India is a no go, in my opinion. I feel Indian textiles, garment creation and colors are very feminine and not fit for men. At all. So my word on Suneet Varma, honey, stay with the ladies, because you rock! (Although I must admit the models were amazingly gorgeous and fun to look at in tight trousers.) I did like, Falguni and Shane Peacock. Sounds funky right? The duo is nothing less but the clothes are fabulous! Stay tuned for more indept Lakme India Fashion Week and Wills Fashion Week reviews and Updates. Ciao.

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