Saturday, May 27

Let's Dance The Night Away

Dress by Jovani
So being an amature Salsa artist, I know how hard it is to find the purrfect dress for a preformance or even just fora night out at the CopaCabbana. So I wanted to share my wisodm on where and how to find the perfect dress just for these occassions.
First things first, you're looking for festive wear. Meaning lots of orange! Red! and hot pink. Make sure the dress isn't too long and make sure it fits you. Getting a dress too loose or too tight isn't a good move when shopping for a dance dress. Look for dresses online. Like any other item of clothing you'll have a greater choice online.,,, If you're crunched for time hit JcPenny. I know what you're thinking too but seriously, their new designer collection have some amazing dresses. You would expect bad tasting styles but some of the dresses I found there are stunners. Also the Bubble Gum Mall Rat stores like Joyce Leslie and Charlotte Russe have cute finds too. Dont forget dancer spankies under that dress unless of course you would like to give new meaning to flaunt it. xx Mimi
Black is ok too, but make sure it has heavy embellighment that will sparkle in the twilight. Dress from Mandee
Dress by Jovani

Dress By Jovani

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