Monday, May 22

You Put The Oooh In My La La

It is now time to break out the whites we’ve put away after Labor Day and time to break out the wedges catching dust in our closet (yes, it’s true they’re still fashionable). Spring to me brings to mind not only dining al fresco, but also the casual luxury of the French during this enchanting season.

French women and men have perfected the art of simplicity (not to mention the eternal rules of being slim). They know that clean-cut lines and realistic silhouettes that sit close to the body are and will be forever chic. They take into consideration the new trends and edit them to their needs. So I wanted to get in on the French secret of looking put together and asked one of my very stylish friends from Nantes to spill five essential must haves for a French woman. They go something like this:

¨ The Little Black Dress : Of course, this is by far the most important piece of clothing you can have in your closet. The flexibility of the “LBD” can take you from a soiree to a wedding. For extreme versatility get a dress that is A-line and skims the knees. If you have a model figure, try a sheath.
¨ One fabulous Suit: The pieces of a suit can transform into a plethora of outfits with smart styling. If you’re personality is fun and flirty, why not try a pink tweed suit. More of a city slicker? Go for basic black in an unexpected satin material. The possibilities are endless with suits. From pairing the blazers with jeans to a full on conservative look.
¨ Big Black Sunglasses: Nothing exudes more glamour to me than the image of Jackie O behind her large black sunglasses. It pulls together any look, anytime, anywhere. You’ll have people wondering, who’s that girl?
¨ A White Button down or Wrap: Simple. Clean. Goes with everything. Spice them up with a wide belt cinched at the waist and get in on the current trend, in America that is.
¨ A Trench Coat: This elevates your look no matter what you’re wearing. Style icons like Bridget Bardot and Audrey Hepburn were on the money when they frolicked around the streets of Paris in a crisp trench. Skip the trendy pinks and yellows and flashy patterns and stick to the traditional tan. Believe me you’ll look marvelous.

So there you have it. The five essential must haves straight from fashionable France. Mix them up with what you already love in your wardrobe and you’re ready to sit outside a French café, admired by all who pass by. Enjoy every moment of this oh so lovely season. Ciao.

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