Monday, August 6

Tres Tres Tres Belle- Mimi on Make-Up

I realized that Haute Mimi never had a post on Beauty. Which is really weird because beauty plays a major role in the fashion industry. For instance eighties make up and French couture will not go together. Contrary to popular belief. Make-up should be used to on a daily basis. It's a tool to make you look and feel fabulous. Let's face it. Make-Up gives you confidence and when you exude confidence and feel amazing about yourself you'll also be more brazen and go places you never imagined. You may disagree but that's just my view.In any case I picked out a few products and looks I personally love.
So first we need a place to keep our precious beauty essentials. My Pink embossed leather bag has become by carrying case for all my makeup. It's totally not organized and I'm going to buy this train case by Sephora. It's totally cute and it does the job without being too ostentatious. I do have a lot of makeup but I'd be embarrassed to carry a trunk around. It's self explanatory. In any case it'll look chic when you travel and will match everything in your closet. (or at least mine)
Mirrors can either make you or break you. Have you noticed you look really good at certain mirrors and totally deformed in others? Good mirrors = Accurate application girls so choose wisely. Replace you vanity if it disfigures you. I have a fetish for compacts! I have Chanel, Dior, Nicky Hilton..Etc etc. They're a great way to make a fashion statement because most designers make compacts if they have a beauty line and it's a cheap way to look stylish on the subway while you do you makeup before heading to work (late again, of course)
Now I always say if you can only put on one item of makeup before you head out, use mascara (waterproof). You probably never thought mascara can have a major impact on how you look, but believe me it does wonders. I use two mascaras one for lengthening and another for thickening and then I curl them away. Drew B likes to use a hairdryer to heat up her curler. Do this with caution.
Blush is essential. Enough said. It makes you look so angelic it's just great. Don't be shy and try vibrant colors. If you have golden olive or darker skin like moi I suggest you use bronzer. It sounds so farfetched because well you're already golden and hot but try it. Swipe bronzer down your T zone and cheeks and then apply blush on the apples of your cheeks. Believe me. You look fab and you'll thank me for it. (DON'T USE LIQUID BLUSH NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO. IT GET'S CONCENTRATED AND YOU WILL LOOK LIKE BOZO.)
Lipstick, Lipgloss,Lip Seals, Lip Balms. I have over 60 of these babies and I really could do without. In my opinion you should wear mauves and nudes (matte) for the days and mauves and nudes for the night with gloss. But I guess it's your call. I supposedly look washed out when I wear nude lipsticks but I prefer nude lips to my raspberry vamp lips. I despise having dark toned lips. Girls tell me they'd die for them, they're seriously disturbed. I use Kiehls Lip balm it works wonders but you can also find a miracle at your drug store. One word Blistex. The one that comes in the blue pot. It cures chapped lips and rapidly. I like red lipstick but I feel like it ages me. My favorite lip thing is Chanel glossimer. One swipe and you're done.
That's all for now, Stay Gorgeous
Ciao -Mimi

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Bon Ton Jill said...

i wear make up every day as well. i like to bring out my natural beauty so it is just normal for me to highlight the goods. haha i like what you said about liquid blush!