Wednesday, November 7

Bollywood Glamour Made Easy

Photo Courtesy of Sayantan Sarkar
Hey There Fashionistas,
I've been vacationing in India for the past 2 months (let's just say, it was indeed very fabulous!) hence I've been neglecting Haute Mimi . Don't worry Mimi is back in New York and more fabulous than ever. My sweet escape inspired my style sense heavily. India is obsessed with fashion and it's far from conventional. Indian garb calls for tons of FUN, color and Glamour! The clothes scream "LOOK AT ME" I thought I'd share ways to bring in a little Bollywood Hip into your closet. Read and learn.

Rule #1 "Get The Look"
Indian divas aren't afraid to exaggerate femininity. This means long lashes, long voluminous hair and golden skin. Don't be afraid to wear more than 1 coat of mascara. Curl your tresses at the ends only and don't be afraid of the sun a tan automatically makes you look amazingly healthy and thinner. Indian women are known for their curves, they bring them out with lacy corsets. You should invest in at least one. It gives you Bollywood worth va-va-voom.
Mimi Says: "Indian Glamour girls are best friends with not only their jewelers and designers but also colored contact lenses. Don't be shy and try them!"

Rule #2 "Shop Frequently but Sparsely"
The fabulous of India see shopping as a favorite pass time. Hence the boutiques are always full of eye candy. In any case the mantra here is go shopping whenever you can (go on, it's fun and it's also my favorite hobby) but when it comes to burning the plastic be careful and choose only 2 or 3 pieces from each boutique. This helps you build an incredible wardrobe filled with pieces that are genuinely, You. You can always follow the crowd and wear the latest trends but that doesn't compare to having a look that's all your own. I like to pair my Kurtis from Salvar Kamizes with leggings or jeans. If their long enough they make very cute party dresses!

Rule #3 "Embellishments get you noticed"
I love anything that is encrusted with sequins and rhinestones. It adds instant pizazz to your outfit and just makes you feel utterly glamourous. Look for glittery flats, and sequin tops. Just stick to one to two glittery pieces at a time. You don't want to look like a walking disaster from the 80's. If you're glitter shy start with an embellished clutch which you can wear with any LBD. When it comes to jewelry, buy big stand out pieces that are unique. Tribal necklaces are a perfect way to spice up your skinny jeans.

Mimi Says: "Always match your jewelry to your outfit! Go to Indian boutiques and buy glass bangles to match your outfit (no matter what you're wearing) it'll make you look put together in a flash. Remember girls do not be afraid to wear larger pieces of jewelry, they make you stand out!"

Rule #4 "The Right Attitude"
South Asian Divas all have one thing in common and it's CONFIDENCE. We know we own it. Adopt our je ne sais quoi state of mind and you'll be strutting around in those crystal embedded stilettos with poise and an aura no will be able to resist.

Rule #5 "Don't be afraid of Color"
Walk down M.G. Road in Cochin and you'll find that out of the thousands of people on prowl 99% are NOT wearing black. Whys that? It's because the trendsetters know that when it comes to clothes colors play a major role. Why wear boring black or grey when you can opt for vibrant greens, aquas and hot pinks? Experiment until you find bright and funky colors that compliment your skin tones.
Mimi Says:"Read my previous post on choosing a color palette."

Cheers, Mimi


Vishaan said...

Missing India so much, but am going back in December. Checked your archives and love the blog. Agreed that color is a good thing, but some how it isn't done as well in the West.

Mimi said...

Thank you Vishaan! I sort of miss India too the people and fab culture. Keep reading. xx Mimi

Bon Ton Jill said...

hi mimi,
i agree with all of these "rules" :)