Thursday, April 5

Fashion Icon: Andre Leon Talley

"Elegance is individual and elegance is a point of view in terms of who is putting it on, in terms of fashion. The most important thing is that those collections have a strong sense of authority in the statement, in the explanation, in the narrative, in the dialogue about fashion."
- Andre Leon Talley

Whenever I read Vogue I run to Life with Andre first. He is simply fabulous and fierce two qualities I love in a person. Andre is the epitome of chic. We share a very similar taste.

Cheers xx Mimi


Jillian Renee' said...

I love that quote by Talley. I am going to read more about this man. Thanks for this post!!

ed said...

I am on the road at the moment and wondered if you would like to do a article for my blog-I am not actully picking emails up at the moment - only comments on the blog-my computer is in storage and access to a computer intermittent.
I think it is good to get different views and once i am back i could do the same for you.
I know everyone is busy so no problem either way.I am getting a temporary email address today so hopefully will be able to pick new ones up.