Friday, April 27

Here's To Phillip, Our Fab New Haute Mimi Editor

Our last post was written by our gorgeous new editor Phillip. The Haute staff is growing and we're loving it. So to introduce you to Phillip and the rest of the Haute staff we've compiled a little expose to tell our readers .."What we like about accessories.." Shall we?


I think accessories are the best way to show off who you are. I love costume jewelry in crazy designs like African tribal necklaces and bejeweled Indian Anklets. When it comes to handbags trash the rule of "your bag and shoes must match." As long as there's some subtle hint of a theme you're good to go. My three must have accessories include:

1. An obnoxious cocktail ring

2. A scarf headband

3. Diamond Studs


Accessories can either make or brake your entire look. If they are too gaudy, you will look overdone and outdated. If they are nonexistent, you will look oh-so-drab. If you want to add some color, do it with a great embellishment, like a bright bag, or a showy bangle. They do not have to precisely match either. A few splashes of color here and there, from head to toe, will be sufficient. Accessories should really describe who you are as a person. They can also let the world know what your mood is, that particular day. If you are romantic, maybe a cute blouse with lace trim, or pretty sheer ruffles would suit you. Add in a bright color to the mix, and everyone will know you are a go-getter, ready to take on whatever life hurdles at you.

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