Tuesday, June 26

Fashion Faux Pas... I'm sure..

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I have never really looked at Hilary Duff and expected her to be chic or fabulous or carrying any kind of super rare or expensive bag... I hated her character in Cheaper by the Dozen.. She just didn't seem like she was playing anyone but herself.. Going to fashion school in New York and being some sort of clothes and makeup obsessed diva in a house of 14... Didn't seem at all genuine.. and here she confirms that feeling of complete lacking in originality... She's wearing clothes that went out as a trend seasons ago... like Muk Ukks and UGGs are over with... so are Indian style moccasins and home made Bermudas, as for her bags, She doesn't look in style.. like why are you carrying two purses, I think that is a whole separate violation in and of itself... plus all it looks like is she went in to her nearest Louis Vuitton ( that being the Damier Azur Pochette Accessoire and the Dentelle Speedy) and ask to buy a bag from the two newest collections so she looked on top of actual fashion...... Like.. Give me a break. But good job on getting those surf board teeth filed down...:) - Phillip

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Anonymous said...

your an asshole...no one reads this blog and you don't know anything about style anyways...she's wearing what she likes and that's all that matters