Thursday, June 21

Your Vacation Starts Here: Featuring Heidi Klein

Allow me to introduce a brand that I just love- Heidi Klein. This brand offers everything you need for your lazy days on the beach and also the hot sultry nights at the tiki-bar. All with sophistication and a touch of sass. I like that.

Heidi Klein was founded by two fabulous ladies from the UK, Heidi Gosman and Penny Klein. They were tired of shopping for vacation outfits in the bland London shops during winter. So to they thought hey, why not start a boutique with good lighting, great customer service and fabulous vacation essentials. Here are my faves from their site

This caftan is just amazing. You can wear it to the beach as a cover-up. You can wear it as a dress at night with stilettos. You can wear it on the weekend doing your errands with jeans..Okay so I think you get the point. This caftan can run for miles.
How adorable is this sarong. It's a perfect way to show off your world traveler side and also if you're like me, a great way to cover up those thunder thighs! I say pair this one with a plain black bikini. They have plenty of those at Heidi-Klein and so much more!

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