Monday, July 30

I adore the Chilly Jilly- A Wrap In A Bag

Whenever I go out I'm always annoyed by the fact that it's sizzling outside but once indoors it's like the North-pole. I get cold very easily and hence I am forced to carry a sweater or a pashmina. That was so yesterday because now I can carry a chic little wrap in an itsy-bitsy pouch that fits seamlessly into my hobo.
So you're probably wondering, "But Mimi won't it wrinkle?" The answer is No darling because the fabulous creator Jill Boehler, scoured through fabric after fabric. One day as she was sipping her latte with friends she saw a cyclist parking his bike and a light bulb went off. That kind of fabric (blend of polyester and elastine) never wrinkles and it keeps you warm. I really love this product and I recommend it to all my gorgeous readers. It's a fun accessory to carry in your bag. Get yours at:
**As a special gift to Haute Mimi Jill's taking of 20% off the cover price for our readers. Just type the code HAUTEMIMI at check out. Stay Fabulous.**


Jillian Renee' said...

wow...what an awesome offer!!

Miss EsTher said...

Its beautiful!!