Friday, January 18

Kyra Kendall For Haute Mimi

Have you met the fabulous freelance illustrator Kyra Kendall? Well if you haven't it's about time you did gorgeous because Kyra is the next best thing in fashion illustration. She has done gorgeous designs for a very impressive list of clients including Elle, MTV and Cingular wireless.

The theme here is modern glamour and the haute life in the city. Her designs are ridiculously hip and eye catching. We adore this piece that Kyra personally took out the time to do these amazing illustrations especially for Haute Mimi. We are in love with Kyra becaue she combines glamour with graphic design with creative ease.

Right now Kyra is working on a fashion illustration book by Martin Dawber. It's a promising coffee table book and Haute Mimi will defiantly keep you posted on that one. In the meantime if you have a project that you think Kyra is perfect for drop her a line or two.


Perspective Inc said...

Me loving it!!

emsie said...

I love these drawings!


Mimi said...

Hi Perspective and Emsie, She is very taented and also very fabulous! Cheers ladies and stay tuned xoxo MIMI

Stylish Thought said...

I love her work!