Thursday, August 23

Inspired Living: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Living in luxe is a dream for most and a privilege for few. Most of us are inspired by fashion icons that we have admired over the years.


Jacqueline Onassis was a lady of great style, stature, and class. Her influence on fashion is prevalent in all aspects.

Roger Vivier "pilgrim" shoes.
"In 1961 Jackie kicked off a craze for the one-shoulder dress. In 1966 she encouraged women to ditch their high, pointy heels in favor of Roger Vivier's buckled flats. In 1967 she endorsed chain belts, oversize sunglasses and Yves Saint Laurent's midi skirt. In 1968 it was Adolfo's harem pants—bought in a post-wedding shopping spree. By 1969 Jackie was already wearing gypsy skirts and batiks out on errands in Capri. Although it may have been fashion-as-usual to the editors at Condé Nast, what she offered the American public was nothing less than a revelation." source

One of her favorite perfumes was Creed Fleurissimo.

"Thanks to Jayne Wrightsman, Jacqueline Kennedy called upon the services of Europe's celebrated society decorator, Stéphane Boudin, to infuse an international perspective into the decidedly American house." "...Jacqueline Kennedy created a White House that was one part cozy family home, one part museum, and one part glittering international stage." source

Three row pearls

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The Stiletto Effect said...

Jacqueline Onassis was an amazing and stylish woman. I always enjoyed her classic style.
Great post :)