Friday, August 10

Party Fabulous

Love entertaining? We know you do, or would love to learn how. Think of a party as a temporary home for your guests. How would you want them to feel in their home?
Before you even think of hosting a party in your own home, consider the following:

1.Know your guests-what are they like? Are they your family or friends? What are their expectations of you? How do they view life?
2.What type of food and drinks will you serve? Do you want to have a sit down dinner, or just finger foods and cocktails? Remember: Food = dirty dishes and possible spills.
3.Look long and hard at the design elements of your home. Move furniture if needed, to make your home more inviting. Create little spaces where people can gather and chat.
4.Start thinking of music selections if you are having music.
Remember: Great parties begin with expert and creative design elements.
Great Resources:

Invitations-"OH my gosh!! I'm so going to this party!" You could casually invite your co-workers, or your friends over, face-to-face, or over the telephone. If you want to show them what you are really made of, consider mailing out invitations.

Drinks:"Wow, that is pretty strong!" Drinks are more important than food for entertaining, in my opinion. People don't like to feel heavy and bloated at parties. They want to feel alive! Make sure you have a signature cocktail. It doesn't have to be anything fancy and add a cute name! (Mimi-tinis,Jill and juice)

Food:"Mmm...this is so good." Food is important, but not so much. If you state in the invitation that you will be serving dinner, then guests can expect that. Otherwise, they shouldn't arrive hungry, and would be happy with pretty much anything, as long as it is fresh (cold if it should be cold, hot if it should be hot, you get the idea). Do not dwell on it too much. Decide, and then make the best of it. If people complain, just ignore and change the subject. They are eating for free and should be happy about that.

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Phillip said...

You know, Nan Kempner used to throw dinner parties at her 5th avenue apt. and serve ego waffles... isn't that Fabulous?!