Sunday, August 5

Sexy and Sumptuous Sculpted Heels

My husband once told me that he hates the way wedges look, so I am now opting for "sculpted heels." Indeed, they are more elegant than the wideness and bulkiness of a plain wedge. In addition, one can not help loving these rich hues for Fall.

These beautifully cut pumps by Salvatore Ferrangamo are classic, and would work, at work.

The texture and detail of this pair of molded Caligarius heels would leave anyone in awe.

The fresh and contrasting details of these by Charles David is modern, yet feminine.

These eye catching, chiseled heels by Zinc, would make any woman, or man for that matter, do a double take.

Recherche' tortoise covered heels compliment these black Martinez Valeros, perfectly.

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