Friday, August 10

Transitional State

As Summer has come and gone, but the predictability of the weather is, well up in the air. I wanted to choose a piece this week that was an easy transitional item for summer and fall. Light enough to wear on a humid evening or look fabulously fashionable in the frigid afternoon.

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My Choice, The American Apparel Sheer Cotton Jersey Scarf ($15) is a new hero accessory for me, for summer, it can be worn around the waist over a great pair of shorts, twisted and tied into a halter, or used as cover up with that o-so small bikini. When fall rolls around, it makes a great light cover in conjunction with a great turtle or cowl neck sweater. And with over 20 colors to choose from, Where could you go wrong?


Jodi_Lee said...

LUV the AA soft!

Phillip said...

So true, I love them, so versatile.