Friday, September 21

Work It Girl!

Siva Shakti Marika

When you look great, you feel as if you can take over the world. So why not use the same mantra when making fitness wear choices? I absolutely adore the Shiva Shakti fitness apparel line. Every item hugs just the right amount of curves, without scaring you in the dance room mirror.

Shiva Shakti

The best part about the Shiva Shakti line is that the fabric is so amazingly comfortable, it let's you do all of the twists and turns in the world with ease. The line satisfies the modern woman's need for a dose of glamour and the green conscious gal's push for eco-friendliness.

Editor's Pick:

Shiva Shakti Halter

How chic is the halter? Yes, I do feel amazingly fabulous while doing a downward dog in this little black number. It's so comfortable and durable! It's like the workout version of the Little Black Dress (LBD). The Shiva Shakti line makes me more comfortable about breaking a sweat. It'll get your heart racing too! xx MIMI

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