Wednesday, October 3

Editorial: Celebrity Designers

So what gives just any celebrity the right to start designing clothing? Leave it to the professionals and those that have had real training. Leave it to those that work hard every day and pay attention to detail, when designing. I'm getting sick of seeing all these celebrities starting their own clothing line, or accessory line. This goes for singing and acting as well. It is all so stupid in my opinion.

"Pressly, who last month won the Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Emmy for her role in the NBC hit "My Name Is Earl,'' plans to launch J'aime Collection on Oct. 15 during Los Angeles Fashion Week."source

Yet another celebrity becoming a "lavish" and "new" fashion designer! I just don't see the potential. Who would her target fan base actually be? My husband watches "My Name Is Earl", but I highly doubt he would ever purchase one of her designs.

It seems rather selfish of celebrities to try to gain more revenue by starting a fashion line. It is as if they are not satisfied with their current lifestyle. It would be different if they were starting a charity, designing garments for an important cause. If you have the money to help the world, then do so, instead of just trying to help your self, for greedy purposes.

Mimi Says:

Well we also must give some credit to the celebs who do have a great sense of style. For instance Gwen Stefani. I love love love L.A.M.B. for it's edgy and chic clothes and accessories.

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