Friday, October 12

Great Yoga Gear

100% Natural Yoga Mat
Yoga mats are thin and provide light padding. Their "sticky" surface is ideal for yoga poses because it prevents you from slipping and sliding. Extra-thick yoga mats are a more comfortable choice for many practitioners.

Yoga blocks (bricks) allow you to stay in proper form, even if your strength and flexibility levels don't. Blocks are rectangular-shaped, allowing you to use them at three different heights, depending on your knees. One use for a block, for example, would be during a forward bend. If you can't touch the floor, you can place the block accordingly so that you can remain in proper form, resting your hands on the block itself. Since each pair of sides is a different height, you can slowly progress in your poses until you don't need a block at all.

Wedges are triangular shaped, like a door stop. They provide extra support and prevent overstretching while sitting (underneath the hips), standing and squatting (underneath heels), and when your weight is in your hands (underneath palm/wrist).

Yoga straps are great for beginners or individuals who are less flexible. By holding a strap with both hands, it can help you stay in a pose longer and make a better connection. They can be used for seated stretches (around the feet in a forward bend) and one-legged standing poses (placing the strap around foot to aid in lifting or reaching your limb). Straps are also great for general flexibility training.source

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