Monday, October 29

If you can't say something nice, Say it with Ella Studio

Okay, so everyone knows that you love to go the extra mile. With everything. Your pink crocodile bag, your 3 carat diamond ring, your customized hangers...shall I keep going? So what better way to show off your personality than with fabulous stationary. I personally use Ella-Studio note cards. Not only is the quality of these cards simply luxurious darlings but this company puts a witty twist to paper. I personally love the Fuck You note cards. Their lovely appearance that is of fine stationary comes in very handy when I want to keep my prissy demeanor while getting my point across. Now think of all the people you could send the douche bag note card to and get your million dollar derriere to Ella-Studio. Ciao xx Mimi
P.S. Ella-Studio also offers a delicious array of other fabulous notecards and stationary. I love to hand one of these vintage lingere notecards to my gal-pals and they squeal in delight.

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