Friday, October 5

Live Pink, Naturally

Living safely and in the most natural manner is indeed a luxury, but it is what every diva wants for themselves and their precious family members.

A feminine and classic sofa such as this would be paired wonderfully with a few chic accent pillows.

This elegant, vintage silk pillow is created with fabulous silk sourced from vintage shops in the UK before becoming hand sewn, limited edition, masterpieces.

This cushion is another pretty option for adding feminine detail to your decor. It is made with recycled fabrics and stunning embroidery with applique. The illustrations are so cute!

"Healthy" food for thought:
The soft and luxurious feel of organic material caressing your skin will connect you with Mother Earth’s nurturing, healing side. Start small and actively bring nature into your inner space to improve the health of body, mind, and planet.source

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