Sunday, November 4

Fashion Week Mexico Spr/Sum 2008

Fashion Week Mexico (Oct. 23-26) was interesting, yet depressing. Some of the fabric choices and prints were absolutely hideous. Anything that makes you look like a glowing space cadet is a "fashion don't." However, there are some labels that would be interesting to keep an eye on, such as Mecha, Carlos Mora, Tadeo Errasti, Carla Gonzales, Barbie Terrones, and although I hate to admit it, Nicholai, Nicky Hilton's fashion line. I do prefer her taste over her sister's. Her collection was very tasteful and pretty. Jon Sonan's men's collection was chic and wearable. Amelia Toro's collection was elegant and poised. I would wear her designs.

Sadly, the label Sergio Alcala (Alcala is my great grandmother's maiden name) was horrible. It looked like someone threw up neon paint all over the runway. Navigo Lines Barona's swimwear was pretty typical, lots of skin and cleavage. Any Mexican guy would swoon over this. Some of the designs were pretty, and cut well, such as a few of Citrico's designs, but the color and fabric selections left me puzzled. Any designer (Malafacha) that puts a man in a long sheet for a skirt or python print spandex pants, should be shunned. That really was "mala."

I truly hope to see better things from FWM in Autumn/Winter 2008. Keep your fingers crossed!

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