Saturday, November 17

The Haute Insider: What We're Talking About - LAGERFELD CONFIDENTIAL

Lagerfeld Confidential: a movie that will document the life of KARL LAGERFELD, by Rodolphe Marconi, is said to be magnificent! We get a peek inside the "Chrome Hearts" lover and his glamorous life.
The Lipstick Jungle Candace Bushnell's bestseller, after Sex and The City, is going to become a TV show. This is by far one of my favorite chick lit novels, portraying NYC's most powerful women trying to make it in "The Lipstick Jungle." I'm excited about watching Victory, Nico and Wendy come alive on TV.
The Little Black Book of Style is on the shelves. Nina Garcia is one of my favorite judges on Project Runway (I love how she just makes everyone feel bad for their own good) I love, love, love her new book! This tiny wonder is filled with editor's secrets and helpful hints on how to develop your own personal style. Remember what Gwen says, "Style is Style, Fashion is Fashion, Girl you've got style." Look out for our complete review on the Little Black Book of Style coming soon. xM

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