Saturday, November 24

The Haute Insider: What We're Talking About-PROJECT RUNWAY SEASON 4

Rami knows the female form, and I can sense that he has the ability to dress any woman. He pays attention to detail and really focuses on each challenge, from what I have seen so far. I'm so happy for him, and proud, that he is doing what he loves. I'm sure it is a lot of work, but in the long run, he will feel so accomplished. I can't wait to see more of his work on PR season 4.

I actually really love Elisa's outlook on life. It seems as if she has gone through a lot and is really trying to love and enjoy life. I have also loved her color choices so far on the show. Elisa seems like she would be a really great friend.

Steve makes me feel at ease for some reason. I love his sense of classicism and elegance. On the show, I would wear everything I've seen so far. Lovely and amazing work! Any woman would look fabulous and would be respected if he was dressing them. I really want to see more of his fashion designs as well as his interior decorating.

Thank God for Tim Gunn! Finally someone voices what I always try to tell people. We have become a nation of slobs and I hate it. It's great to hear that he shops or has shopped at Banana Republic, because I do as well. The clothes from that store always fit me very well. Every pair of pant fits well from BR, and that is a lot to say for a woman with a larger lower body, in proportion to my upper body. Tim Gunn is amazing! He gives great advice and adds a certain edge to Project Runway.

I encourage everyone to watch this personal video starring Mr. Gunn.

Want to recreate a design from the show? A member of ShopStyle's choices to recreate the designs from the show on 11/14/07:

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