Monday, November 12

Haute Mama: De-Stress with some "Pedi" time.

With just an extra hour and some nail lacquer, you can feel like a queen after a long day. I just gave myself a pedicure, using my favorite nail polish, China Glaze in Bizarre, which is a deep blood red, with a tinge of mauve in the mix. It is truly a "bizarre" color (Note: I can't find this color anywhere online. It may be discontinued. If you can find it, please let the editors know!). Check out their collections on 8ty8 Beauty. A few of my favorite collections are "Blush," "Natural Neutrals," "Visions of Grandeur," and "Guilty Pleasures." What can I say, I love neutral nails, but also love the classic red nail sexiness. Important and healthy details: these luscious lacquers contain vitamins A, D3 and E to increase moisture retention and natural flexibility. They also contain built in hardeners, and promote restoration and growth of distressed nails in as little as 8 weeks. You can't go wrong with this brand. Have fun with your nail color, and make yourself feel pretty every day. It will change your attitude and outlook on life.

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