Thursday, March 20

Exclusive Interview with Rami Kashou

We were elated to interview fashion designer Rami Kashou. You have seen his designs in various magazines and on A-list celebrities. He is also a star on the current season of Project Runway. This is the perfect interview for Rami lovers, as well as aspiring designers for insider tips on design. This is a Haute Mimi first, so enjoy!!

HM: What are your three favorite fibers or textiles to work with?
RK: Silk, Cotton, Rayon

HM: What is your fashion philosophy (what are your strongest feelings about fashion)?
RK: I design in a way that proudly celebrates a woman and her figure. Elegance and sophistication are ever present throughout the details and cuts that I apply to my clothing. My designs tend to be always feminine yet strong.. They celebrate women.

HM: What are some of the first things you think of when you start to create a design?
RK: A feeling that I want to convey.. whether it's a sense of ease, drama, or a character.. That is when I start researching for an inspiration that leads me to the direction I am aiming to go to..Then the rest flows. I go to museums, rent movies whether old or new and so on. I even start draping and sometimes I discover new things and details that inspire me.

HM: Do you believe that any woman of any size can look sexy and glamorous?
RK: I truly do.. I think that it needs to come from within first. If a woman feels sexy and glamorous, then she can wear such clothes and even feel more so that way.

HM: Do you have a favorite piece from your own collections?
RK: Yes! A silk forest green bias draped, asymmetrical gown from my Fall 07 collection

HM: What fashion designer or label do you admire?
RK: Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, John Galliano

HM: Will you ever create a fragrance line?
RK: I certainly will when the time is right

HM: What is glamorous to you?
RK: Dita Von Teese

HM: Speaking of your fashion designs, are you working on or thinking of anything new and innovative for the future?
RK: I am always in this mind frame; thinking of something new for the future. I am always working on the next collection.. at the moment I am focusing on texture (creating rich textures out of plain, beautiful materials), as well as discovering new cuts and proportions.

HM: Do you personally have any favorite types of designs that you love to wear?
RK: I love J Linberg trousers normally. I like mostly vintage pieces though, or pieces that I have constructed and made for myself. It is not easy finding things that fit to my liking so I end up making them.

HM: What do you hate seeing on a woman's body?
RK: I would rather not see, a small animal worn as an accessory, normally peeking out of a L.V. bag, low waisted jeans with cropped t- shirts.

HM: Do you have a favorite fashion icon?
RK: It usually changes from time to time.. at the moment it is Dita Von Teese

HM: What is your favorite type of dress to create?
RK: A dress with unusual lines around the hem or neckline. Something light with drape and flow.

HM: What kind of woman wears your designs?
RK: A strong woman who is connected with her inner self. Confident women who enjoy being different, elegant and feminine.

HM: How has your cultural background effected your designs?
RK: Coming from an Arabic background, I learned to appreciate the elegant flow in draping materials. It influences me to apply in into modern silhouettes throughout the collection.

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