Friday, December 7

Mimi's Haute-Mas Gift Guide

The beauty queen will love this decedent trunk filled with the finest makeup by Miss Bobbi Brown. My sister got me hooked on Bobbi Brown and now I cannot live without BB makeup. The makeup is so smooth and goes on flawlessly. This is the ultimate fantasy gift for any beauty queen. $2000.00
The Diva
The Diva loves to make a statement and with heels like these she's bound to not only turn heads but break necks! Mr. L is by far the God of shoes. Think of it as an investment.

The Trendsetter

The Trendsetter likes to flaunt the latest and greatest first so why not give her latest in perfumes? I wouldn't normally recommend giving a fragrance as a gift but this scent is just amazing! I usually wear Versace Bright Crystal during the summer so Daisy is a great transition scent for Fall/Winter. I spray it everywhere. Myself, my room my clothes my birds (haha) This perfume is so soft yet bold and I've received so many compliments. I definitely started a trend because now all my gal pals are running to Sephora to get their hands on this dainty bottle. $65.00

The Goddess of Cuteness


The goddess of cuteness is the one with lots flair who loves to live in an air of fantasy and pays attention to detail. Give them this toaster and delight their mornings. I'm a huge Hello Kitty fan! So when one of my best guy friends presented me with this super cute novelty piece I was one happy girl. This toaster literally imprints a Hello Kitty face onto every slice of bread! It's such a cute gift to give any goddess of cuteness whether she's five or fifty.

The Sex Kitten

The sex kitten is sexy yet oh so innocent. Give her this cheeky gift and your bound to get a wink from her. I love love love Cosabella thongs! They are so comfortable and melts right into your skin. They are seamless and oh so perfect under everything from jeans to party dresses! Perfect gift to give one of your best gal friend, not your boss. $17.00 Each

The Shear Genius

T3 Tiny Pink Hair Straightener

The Shear genius is the one with the perfect hair everyday. Give her this gift and you'll give her the world. I have the original T3 hair straightener and it does wonders for my curly kinky head of hair. Now it's even better because not only does it come in pink it's tiny! Perfect for getting at those annoying roots.
The Natural


The natural is one with the earth. What more can you give her than life itself? I won't lie. When it comes to green living I'm really not interested. But I do love plants and I think everyone should own a luxurious orchid plant! The Orchid is my favorite flower and I love receiving them. This would make a great gift for mom or yes, your boss. $50.00

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