Saturday, December 15

Plan a Black Tie Event, the Right Way.

When I turned 15 years old (my quinceanera for anyone in the Latin community), I wore a formal gown for the affair, which my mother purchased for me at a Loehmann's location in Houston. The experience at that store will forever remain in my memory because the dressing room was just a wide open room, with lots of mirrors. It was a little embarrassing but exciting, especially for a young teenager.

The party was at night (which should make a guest wonder if it was formal/black tie), and sadly, I cannot remember a single person that dressed for the occasion. Maybe it was the party planner's fault (thanks mom...), or maybe the guests were just idiots. Who knows?!? I'll never do that again, and if all else fails, I'll plan the entire party myself. One can only trust oneself to get things done right. Party planners are great, but when in doubt, don't let any of your friends or family tell you what is better, or more appealing.

My 15th Birthday Party look:

The dress: Creme with beautiful beading, bugle beads, some sequins, etc. It was a long formal dress, sleeveless, and it sure was heavy! I remember not even wanting to sit down in it. I still have the dress :)

The accessories: I wore creme, semi-sheer (not opaque, but not sheer) stockings, from Victoria's Secret, and creme heels. I wanted a head to toe ethereal look, and it was not overdone. It was very elegant and feminine.

The Make Up and Hair: My hair was worn down, in long flowing, glamorous and wavy curls. I applied thick, black eye liner on my upper eye-lid, with matching black mascara, and a neutral lip. I was reminiscent of a beautiful pearl that had only recently been discovered, still glistening with moisture.

These "goddess" gowns , from, remind me of my dress.

One of the first things you can do is brainstorm, on paper, your ideas, visions, colors, etc. of the way you want your dream party to be. Try to stick to a plan without changing your mind too much. This will just make things easier in the end.

Create the perfect atmosphere with soft lighting (No directly overhead lighting! It is so unflattering for everyone involved!) and fantastic music. For a sit down dinner, people are going to want to feel calm and collected, not hyper and erratic. Choose your music accordingly.

Great parties begin with expert and creative design elements, but don't worry if you are not a professional event planner. Trust your instict no matter what. You know what you want, and you can do it!

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