Thursday, March 20

Camenae Accessories Line

Camenae is the accessories line to go to when you want a chic handbag that can with stand the test of time and still look beautiful decades from now. What I love most about Camenae are the additional straps you can purchase to mix it up from time to time. So forget that LV Speedy that’s been knocked off a million times and head to Camenae for your one of a kind masterpiece. Now that’s luxury.

HM: What kind of woman wears your bags and/or who is your target consumer?
Our target consumer is any woman with individual flare, who aspires beyond the mass market brands. Equally, the women who ‘understand’ luxury by recognizing attention to detail, as well as quality, buy immediately.

HM: What is your philosophy on design?
C: Our philosophy centers on allure in simplicity as well as individual character. And we design keeping the desires of individual women at heart more than the latest craze driving the mass market. Camenae aims to design understated luxury. A more subtle approach to design. We love creating pieces that grown on you the more time you spend with them.

HM: What is the main function for your bags? Are they more functional or more pleasing to the eye, or both?
C: Both as it’s important to find a good balance between the two, however as Spring/Resort 2008 is our first collection and with the interchangeable straps being such a new concept, our PR campaign highly focuses on the versatility Camenae offers.

HM: Do you have a personal favorite design that you created?
C: We’ve never been one to have favorites! In anything! We like each design for different reasons. We pour a lot of passion into each design so it is difficult to choose one over the other. However our latest passion falls in the Camenae Holiday 2008 pieces.

HM: Are there any new and innovative ideas or concepts you are working on?
C: We're so excited about our next collection (Fall 2008) as well as what we are doing for Holiday 2008. I hope to always keep Camenae ‘fresh’ and for Fall 2008 we are adding our men’s line! We are also creating an ‘executive luxury’ piece, different than anything currently on the market. Keep an eye on our ‘Change a life’ page for our Holiday 2008 pieces!

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