Monday, February 4

Let’s Get Chic, Mommies!

Contributed by Kim
So we have a new job, with a new body, new van and a constant companion who is explosive, from top to bottom. Getting dressed seems too much? Exhausted at the thought? We are still working and don’t have to surrender to sweats and Crocs in this new gig called Mommy.
Let’s take this Mom job up a notch and chic it up, which does not mean buying black Crocs. We can be current and chic by deciding to simply get dressed, really dressed, like you used to. We are our children’s agents and should dress to work for them, the new boss notices! (and maybe the boss’s father? ) Still exhausted at the thought? Here are some tips to chic yourself up this spring and get noticed, people might remember your name instead of only junior’s.

Let’s start down under and get fitted for bras and panties. A proper fit will definitely put a lift in your day.

Don’t be afraid of the dress.The shift dress is still big as we head into spring, looks fabulous and is comfortable and easy. Really!

Buy real shoes. A cute ballet flat and a good boot will work with most outfits and will put some kick and cute in your Mommy steps.

Get a fabulous new pair of jeans. Spend the time and invest in a great pair of denim. It can be like trying on bathing suits but keep going you will know when you find the hot pair! I am a big fan of Paige Premium Denim and her web site will fit you in the right style for your body.

Finally, grab some gloss and lube up those lips, you might even notice yourself! NARS Orgasm Gloss, why not?

Being a Mommy is not easy but we can get through with a little lift, a dress, a jean, new soles, gloss and a great big bag loaded with necessities of the new job, Mom. Don’t be afraid Mommies. Chic is easier than you think.
Kim is the author of, the what to wear and where to find it for the modern mommy.

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