Monday, January 7

My Beauty Secret, Bobbi Brown

Contributed by Anupama Robin
A flawless face is a beauty must have for any season. When you have a clear, smooth complexion, it lays the perfect foundation for more color and fun. So, to create this smooth canvas, I recommend using my favorite makeup line: Bobbi Brown.

I follow this regimen to achieve a flawless complexion:

1. First, cleanse your face with a salicylic acid or glycolic acid based cleanser like Murad Acne Cleanser or Olay Salicylic Acid Cleanser (available at drugstores). Then, use (my all time favorite scrub), Become Face Smoothing Gel. This is the best scrub I have used. Massaging this soothing scrub over your face for 2 minutes makes your skin so smooth and makes it appear brighter. Makeup slides on better after scrubbing your face with this beauty essential. A must have in every diva’s shower.
2. Then use a water-based serum to prep and soothe skin. An effective one is Olay Regenerating Serum.
3. After that, use a sunscreen based moisturizer. Again, Olay is a great skincare line that’s effective and affordable.
4. Next, starting at your cheeks apply the foundation with the sponge that is included. Apply in a downward motion to smooth down any facial hairs. Apply down to your neck for a uniform appearance of skin tone.
5. Next, apply the Corrector, under your eyes using your middle or index finger. You can also purchase a brush at the counter. But I have found that the free fingers you already have are just as effective ;) . Don’t rub, just tap and spread slowly and with a slight touch.
6. You can also cover up any brown spots or (yikes) pimples, with this same Corrector. Just spot over any blemishes.
7. Next, use the Creamy Concealer to top over the corrector in the same manner mentioned in Step 5.
8. Check to make sure you blend, blend, blend for a smooth look.
9. Next, slightly apply the pressed powder with the applicator that is included. Just press lightly over foundation and concealer. Start with under your eyes, cheeks, forehead, and finally down your neck. Then take a make-up brush to lightly brush off excess powder.
10. Finally, apply a hydrating water spray. Hold the spray away from your face and mist for one press. This will make your makeup appear fresh and natural. One affordable try is the Dream Mist Hydrating Water Spray (Available at drugstores). You can also use this spray throughout the day to refresh your skin and yourself!

As for what shade to buy, it’s best to go to the Bobbi Brown counter directly to get the perfect shade for your skin tone, but there is also help on the website. Follow the above steps, and people will always notice you not your makeup. You will achieve a clear and even tone complexion. But of course good skincare is a must. More on that next time. -A.R.

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