Friday, January 11

Voulez-vous être l’objet d’envy?

Contributed by Therese Quiao

Once in a while we all want to be the center of attention. So, why not indulge yourself? By incorporating the perfect accessories into your wardrobe, you can pull together and jazz up any outfit. Make sure that all eyes are on you by wearing the right jewelry for every occasion. Feeling bold and beautiful? Objets d’Envy is a remarkable, handcrafted jewelry line designed by Kirsten Goede. Goede uses exclusive Swarovski crystals in all of her designs. There’s something at Objets d’Envy for everyone. Certain pieces are perfect for everyday use, while others are Red Carpet ready. There’s something particularly appealing about the Rock Candy Collection. It just sounds decadent! With a selection of 14 different hues, the choice is yours. Add some color to your life; it might just brighten your day. Satisfy your sweet tooth without gaining a single calorie.

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