Saturday, February 9

Le Mystere Skin

You probably associate Le Mystere with lingerie but darlings get ready to associate the alluring company with high-tech skincare. I was having a horrid time keeping my skin hydrated with the drying winter weather in NY, so I was especially delighted when I heard about the launch of Le Mystere Skin products that promise to nourish and cure. It's been two weeks since I began using the Moisturizing Day Dream in the mornings (sinks in fast so I'm able to apply my make-up right after application) and the Active Nourishing Night Cream at night. The line contains this new ingredient that the beauty industry is going crazy over called Colostrum, milk that's secreted by mammals during late pregnancy and a few days after birth. It's said to have curative powers and the perfect balance of nature's goodness. We can all use some of that. Le Mystere Skin is available at Bloomy's. Mind you they have a full skincare line so make sure you check out the whole collection and enjoy a totally new and refreshing skin care regime courtesy of Le Mystere.

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