Tuesday, February 3

A New Fave: David Babaii For Wildaid Blow Dryer

I was never a fan of hair dryers because I always felt as if they were so damaging to my hair. Then recently I tried the David Babaii For Wildaid Blow Dryer and I was really surprised, for all the right reasons. First off the D.B. dryer is as light as a feather. I was able to use it without stressing my arms and believe me I have a thick long mane. Secondly it was super-fast. I was done drying my hair in less than 5 mins, time is precious and this dryer really delivers a punch. What I like to do after I'm done drying my hair is turn on the cool setting to really close up the hair shaft. I've read that by doing this your hair will look amazingly shiny, I tried it and it really does make a difference, Also when I dried my hair with the new David Babaii dryer before the flatiron, it gave me a smooth base so that when I did use the iron my hair was pin straight and Japanese-esque. Get your David Babaii For Wildaid dryer here.

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