Saturday, March 22

Bag, Borrow, or Steal - Handbag and Accessory Rentals

It has been a complete joy ride borrowing from Bag Borrow or Steal, the company that offers fun designer handbag rentals, as well as fabulous fashion forward accessories to show off to all of your friends, without the guilt of spending your entire paycheck. The accessories are shipped extremely fast, and the packaging is impeccable. The bags are safely contained with extra protection from shifting in the shipping process. Upon opening the package, the bags smell so fresh and are spotless. Just because someone may have borrowed your bag before you, doesn't mean it looks like it. These bags are completely stunning. The awesome thing about this service is that there is no "due date" for the bags, so you can keep them as long as you wish. However there is a small insurance fee (they charged me five dollars), but that is more than worth it to carry handbags worth this much. From up to the minute trends as well as vintage finds, Bag Borrow or Steal can fulfill your every luxurious desire. Check out their latest Spring trends as well as the Sex in the City inspired designs.
Charm and Luck Shopper Tote
Pros: Large capacity, big, and bright! A definite eye catcher. Those are crystal studs lining the stitching, not metal studs. Great shoulder to armpit length in the shoulder straps. This bag can be carried two ways. One is along your forearm and it will hang as shown in the images, or it can be sort of folded gently in a way on your shoulder, making it look more boxy. The crystal studs show up either way you carry it. Unique!
Cons: Floppy and can get heavy if you fill it with too many goodies! Straps tend to fall off shoulder while carrying it. Does not stand straight up when you put it on a counter due to the nature of the soft leather.
Kate Spade "Bilbao" Quintessa
Pros: Glossy "diva" bag that definitely gets compliments! Roomy enough for large books or magazines. Perfect to carry in your hand. Durable and sturdy and just plain and simple gorgeous! The color is so deep and rich, which is coveted by most handbag lovers and collectors.
Cons: Handle is short and doesn't fit around shoulder comfortably. Gets dirty fast, and can get scratched easily.

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