Friday, March 28

Beauty Tips and Secrets

Skin Care:

Start of with a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil for Normal to Oily skin. This one is a gel base that does not clog pores. All it does is clean gently and it gets rid of extra unwanted oil.

Brush of dead skin cells gently, but thoroughly, with a dry towel. Be careful not to pull the skin harshly.

Use a new, clean, mascara tester wand to brush dead skin cells off of eyebrow area. Don't forget to brush off the dead skin cells that fall on your cheeks from doing this. Use small dabs of hair moisturizing cream on eyebrows. Eyebrow hair needs care too!

Moisturize dry spots quickly after washing so it will have time to absorb before you apply cosmetics. I like to use natural moisturizers with as little ingredients as possible.

Color Cosmetics:

Try out a foundation primer before you apply any makeup. There are many new brands on the market to experiment with. I use Smashbox Photo Finish. Do not over do the primer because it can cake.

Apply concealer after foundation and blend well. Leave concealer on for a minute or two to let it thicken, and apply another layer if needed, to cover flaws seamlessly. If you have very dark circles, you can apply concealer before and after foundation, in thin layers until the desired effect is achieved. My favorite is Origins Quick, Hide! concealer.

Use a smooth, almost oily, creme concealer for upper eyelids as well. This type works well for skin discolorations.

Wipe of any excess liner or mess ups with a cotton swab dabbed in your foundation or concealer color cosmetic.

Use blush and contouring powders to add depth and a beautiful glow to your skin. Use an all over translucent powder to set your entire look.

Apply mascara after eyeshadow and eyeliner. Wipe off any mistakes on eye lids with a cotton swab, and use your forefinger and thumb to gently pull away thick globs attaching lashes together. We want the full and feather-like look, ladies!

Line lips with a similar color to your lipstick, and fill in the entire lip area. Wait a few seconds to let the liner set, and then apply lipstick. Use more than one coat to get the full effect of the lipstick color. If you use lip gloss, apply it after the lip liner, or after the lipstick, and use one coat for a subtle sheen effect. Layer it on like there is no tomorrow for high drama! I love lip gloss!

Taking time to do these simple things can really effect your mood and outlook on the day.

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