Friday, August 29

Beauty Special: Combat that Acne

Zeno Pro
The last thing a girl wants to do in the morning is to wake up and notice a ghastly zit. I've never had severe acne, but the occasional blemish pops up once in awhile. After trying a myriad of different dermatologist prescribed products, Proactive, Philosophy, and other brands, I thought I'd give the Zeno Pro a shot. I've had the Zeno since October, and it works miracles. I've always been keen on instant gratification, and I love how the pimple disappears after two to three 2 1/2 minute treatments. The Zeno tip heats the surface of the skin, penetrating and killing the bacteria located in the zit! Sounds amazing right? The Zeno Pro comes in pink and teal. It's portable and comes in a charming leather case, which is small enough to fit in your handbag. It can be purchased at Sephora for $185. The metal pad can be used for 90 treatments and must be replaced. Don't worry it's easy to use, and the heat feels great on your skin. It's a worthwhile investment, although it shouldn't be an excuse to not wash your face. Please maintain your skincare regimen!

Dr. Brandt Laser Lightening System
Do you notice dark spots or scarring after acne? It's a horrible fact of life. Want to try something new to alleviate that problem? Dr. Brandt's Laser Lightening System is fabulous. This lightening system was designed to fade freckles, minimize post acne discoloration, and even out skin tone. It is a four part system which includes a Lightening Cleanser, Laser Lightening Serum, Laser Lightening Day Lotion, and Laser Lightening Night Cream. After two weeks, I can already tell a noticeable difference on my face! Dr Brandt's products are hydroquinone-free. The set runs for $110, which is a bargain because the Laser Lightening Serum on it's own is $110! Don't forget to wear sunscreen, and avoid excessive sun exposure until you finish the treatments.
-Therese Quiao

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