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Interview With Designer Meghan Fabulous

“Fashion is the driving force of my life. It is my air, water, and food that keeps me going everyday." -Meghan
Meghan is no stranger to the fashion industry. Her clothing has been featured in top fashion magazines of the likes of WWD, Elle and Glamour to name a few. Taking inspiration from different cultures, Meghan has fused exotic elements with classic sophisticated silhouettes to create a signature look that speaks volumes. The designs are exotic, feminine, sexy and most all fabulous! We had to get the scoop on Meghan's design principles as well as the dish on what she thinks is haute. Here's the interview.

HM: What are your three favorite fibers or textiles to work with?
Mostly silk fibers, it’s SO luxurious and feels great against the skin. My three favorite qualities of silk to work with are charmeuse, crepe De chine and silk twill.

HM: What is your fashion philosophy (what are your strongest feelings about fashion)?
We are not saving babies or finding the cure for diseases, it’s just fashion and it shouldn't be taken so seriously.

HM: What are some of the first things you think of when you start to create a design?
Color First!!! It seems that everything falls into place after that; my vibe, design inspiration, etc.

HM: Do you believe that any woman of any size can look sexy and glamorous?
Sexy and glamourous is a state of mind- any woman has the power to feel amazing, it’s all in her confidence. I feel that my clothes only accentuate a women's strongest features which help her feel sexy, confident and glamourous.

HM: What fashion designer or label do you admire?
Elsa Scaparielli, John Galliano for Dior, Biba, just to name a few!

HM: Will you ever create a fragrance line?
Definitely, I think a fragrance completes a designers’ vision. This is what my woman/customer/ muse should look, walk, talk and smell like.

HM: What is glamorous to you?
The most glamourous think is confidence.

HM: Speaking of your fashion designs, are you working on or thinking of anything new and innovative for the future?
I am trying to create my own new blend of silk that is environmentally friendly.

HM: What do you hate seeing on a woman's body?
I wear Meghan everyday, lots of color because I like to show on the outside how I feel on the inside. I also try to highlight a provocative feature like my legs or my cleavage.

HM: Do you have a favorite fashion icon?
Barbie! I worship her.

HM: What is your favorite type of dress to create?
Colorful, stylized, sexy with many intricate details.

HM: What kind of woman wears your designs?
A sexy, sophisticated confident woman that appreciates finer details and can be the center of attention.

HM: How has your cultural background effected your designs?
I grew up in Southern California on the Beach and you can see the ocean influences in my designs. From the sexy cuts to the fun colors and cool lightweight luxe fabrics. California is really is a Mecca of all cultures and I draw from all of them: Hispanic, Asain, European and African.

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