Friday, March 7

Votour - What are you wearing today?

Votour is a new online lookbook providing a snapshot into the lives of its members. Unlike other social networking sites, Votour is focused completely on personal style, from favourite designers and wardrobe pieces to the personal significance of each picture and the events surrounding it. Launched by Manhattan-based artist John Haro, the site has been a labour of love from the outset: “I’ve always desired to build a brand from scratch”, says Haro, who learned the hard way that any undertaking would need to be “something [he] would have the passion for — to be able to spend 12 hours a day doing without being bored of”. That turned out to be fashion.

Inspired by the city’s stylish urbanites and the potential talent of young industry hopefuls he meets through his busy social calender, Haro hopes that the site will become an influential and recognisable name in the world of fashion. “Votour hopes to inspire and stir the imagination of a new generation, as well as assist those starting out in the industry. On the first part we hope to offer tools and features that can stimulate the mind and inspire new talent. And for those who are already pursuing their ventures in the fashion industry we hope to provide tools to assist them to be great. There is so much potential talent out there that needs to be brought to light.”
But what has the world of art taught him about the heady and mercurial essence of fashion? “I’m a painter, so creativity rules that part. I love attractiveness and sensuality, which leads me to fashion”. He adds: “Fashion is creating, while style is being. I’ve always compared a great collection, coming down the runway, to an art masterpiece. Votour looks to help discover and nurture the essence [of fashion] while providing the guides for style”.

-David J. Paw

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