Wednesday, August 20

A Little Bliss

Bliss Spa is the destination of choice for divas who want to wind down, revamp and revitalize in style. Offering the latest treatments and technology Bliss is more than a pretty place. Don't live in a big city like New York or San Francisco, no worries, you can bring a little Bliss right to your home and still get amazing results. Here are some of my faves from Bliss, which you can buy online or from Sephora stores.
The Bliss Hot Salt Scrub and Naked Body Butter are probably the two things I can't live without. If you're new to Bliss, try these two out and be prepared to have the most gorgeous, smooth and glowing skin you've ever had. The Hot Salt Scrub is coarse enough to get the the roughest spots (elbows, knees) smooth and yet leaves a film of soothing eucalyptus oil to nurture the skin also leaving it cool. After a steamy shower, slather on the Bliss Naked Body Butter which is unscented so you can mix in your favorite essential oils or perfume. It's so thick and creamy and leaves your skin super supple.
My new favorite from Bliss is the Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask. I think the name speaks for itself. When I first tried it, it left my eyes so bright and awake. Perfect for those nights you don't get sleep but still have to make it to brunch the next day, or work, looking as if you had sweet dreams. The oxygen eye mask is like sleep in..a mask. Stock up on Bliss products and treatments today and make your space into a spa haven. beauty

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