Monday, July 21

This Is Clean, This Is Natural - Suki Skincare

It can be hard to find effective, high quality products in the vast sea of the new breed of organic skin care products. Most claim to do such and such but fail to deliver their promises. Believe me I've been through many. So I was especially pleased when I found Suki, a new skin care line by Suki Kramer that utilizes the best natural ingredients for 100% pure and natural products. Minimally processed and bio-dynamic, Suki is one of the few product lines to not use fragrances, dyes or any synthetics of any kind.
If you want to go natural, I suggest starting with the most important part of your beauty, your skin. Start your morning off with the Suki foaming exfoliating lemongrass cleanser. It smells delicious and leave your skin bright and smooth. Then use the clarifying toner to pick up and residue and also to help tone uneven skin. Finish off with the Suki intensive brightening cream and then of course an oil free sunscreen of your choice after that. Your skin will be free of toxins and petrochemicals you'll actually feel your skin breath. Suki is pure, natural and most of all, all you. Get natural with Suki today.

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