Monday, August 18

Interview With New Fashion Designer Yotam Solomon

Yotam Solomon, is the talented new fashion designer of his namesake line of clothing as well as footwear. He creates amazing garments, taking his inspiration from the, "beautiful universe, stars and the sky" as well as the casual luxury of his west-coast upbringing. We wanted to know what he had to say on style. Here's the interview, enjoy.

HM: Describe your style in one word.
YS: Wearable Avant Garde. (or just Avant Garde, if you prefer)

HM: What is your best-kept fashion secret?
I'm a fashion clairvoyant. (Just kidding!)

HM: Where is your favorite place to shop?
Maxfield in LA

HM: Who are your style icons?
Sophia Loren, Anna Wintour, and Giorgio Armani.

HM: What is the biggest fashion mistake a woman can make when getting dressed?
Don't imitate anyone, come up with your own style.

HM: What is one lesson you are grateful for learning throughout your career in fashion?
Always believe in yourself.

HM: What advice would you give to young fashion industry professionals trying to make their fame?
Timing is everything, go for what you want.

HM: If you could give women a fashion tip to be fabulous what would it be?
YS: Dress according to your own taste, be comfortable, and most importantly wear fashion that makes you feel powerful.

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