Monday, September 22

My Beauty Secret :Kryolan HD Makeup

In today's world of HD cameras, you need makeup that can withstand the brutally keen eye of the camera lens. One of our favorite HD makeup lines is by Kryolan. Used by movie and TV show sets Kryolan is the leading professional makeup line and their HD collection is simply flawless. The two products that you MUST get your hands are the On-Air Spray foundation and also the Micro Foundation Cream. the On-Air Spray is literally perfect skin in a can. You spray this formula on your face and every blemish, scar, wrinkle is gone and yet your skin looks utterly natural. Our other favorite, The Micro Foundation cream is also fantastic. Use this cream based foundation to just cover specific areas where you need extra coverage, it will make you look as if you have amazing skin, naturally. The best part about the HD collection is how good you will look in photos. Your skin will look airbrushed. Don't shy away from the camera divas, get in on the secret at Kryolan's offical website, the products can also be purchased here.

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