Tuesday, September 9

Who Do You Think You Are?

It’s a very forward approach. I know. But it’s the first question I ask designers and boutique owners when I’m trying to help them develop their brands. It’s a very basic question which you should ask yourself as well because in essence we are our own brands and always in the business of selling ourselves. The answer may surprise you and believe me it will help you develop your own personal style. It’s like when I go shopping with my favourite girl pal and she sees a pink chiffon number with intricate beading on the bodice and shrieks, “Mimi that dress was made for you.” You’ll get the same effect if you define and stay true to what your style is all about. By picking specific styles, colours and detailing which suits your personality as well as other important factors such as your body type, skin tone and most of all preference. I’ve picked four characters of which most girls will fall into, and what their style secrets are. The Beauty Queen, The Socialite, The Mod Professional and The Voyageur. Which category do you fit into?

The Beauty Queen:
The “Beauty Queen” is the type of girl who loves the latest in makeup and beauty trends, and lives for the Global Goddess cosmetics collection. She wants her clothing to be understated yet fun so that her beauty can really be the focal point. She fills her closet with simple pieces in neutral colours like mod mini dresses in white, charcoal and black paired with knee high boots and a flowy chiffon baby doll dress. She prefers large crystal earrings to catch and reflect light onto her face. She won’t be caught dead without a stellar tan and knows that a little body shimmer goes a long way. The beauty queen loves peacock greens and blues for both her makeup and clothes. Her ultimate style inspiration is Aishwarya Rai.

The Socialite:
The socialite is the girl who’s always in the spotlight. She may not be the most beautiful in the room but people swarm to her like bees to honey because she has great style, wit and lots of charm. The socialite depends on her clothing to give her look that extra pizzazz. Her mantra is: more is always better. She loves bright colours, fun prints and most of all lots of dazzle whether it is from her Swarovski embellished top or her sparkling diamond necklace. Everyone wants to know what the socialite will wear next; she’s always surprising them by wearing cocktail dresses in the day or pairing velvet smoking jackets and family heirloom with her favourite Seven jeans.
The socialite leaves everyone on their toes hence her favourite colours are bold, hot pinks, lime green and her all time favourite, show stopping red. Although the socialite has an out of this world dress sense she always manages to keep it polished and sophisticated. Her style icon is Shoba De.

The Mod Professional:
The Mod Professional is the girl who wouldn’t dare waste a minute on frivolous matters. She’s too into climbing that corporate ladder and from the way she puts herself together, everyone knows the girl means business. She stocks up on her designer suits, which by the way are tailored to perfection by her favourite tailor who she depends on to mend her suits so that they’ll fit like second skin. The Mod Professional depends on accessories to help her look more feminine as well as to showcase her personality. She loves silk scarves by Hermes and Echo as well as trendy yet sleek jewellery. She loves her collection of Movado watches and sticks to her favourite colour, Black. As far as beauty goes, the Mod Professional has a flawless face that looks natural yet takes ages to put on. Her favourite beauty brand is Laura Mercier, and she likes to wear men’s cologne to give her some edge. She gets her style cues from the ladies of the Cashmere Mafia.

The Voyageur:
The Voyageur loves world music, exotic cuisine and locales. She’s eccentric and loves to mix and match pieces from different cultures. She loves wooden bangles from the Congo, embellished kaftans from Turkey, and silk robes from China. The Voyageur is adventurous with her life as well as her clothing choices. She’ll be the one to try the latest craze of vivacious bohemian inspired pieces when everyone else is in a little black dress. She really thrives on jewellery and collects different baubles from around the world. You can catch her in a stark white tunic with stark white pants with her neck filled with tribal chokers and necklaces complete with jewelled heels. She prefers to shop online where the world is at her fingertips. Her favourite shopping sites include, http://www.vivre.com/, http://www.netaporter.com/ and of course, http://www.intermixonline.com/ Her ultimate style icon is Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti.

This article was first published in Inside Desi, The new online lifestyle publication for South Asians. Visit Inside Desi for the latest scoop on your favorite Bollywood stars, hot topics and political views. Image courtesy of Vanity Fair

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