Monday, October 20

Give Away: Evian Face Spray

I'm always trying new products to share with you on Haute Mimi and my search has lead me to the Evian Brumisateur face spray. The spray not only refreshes and hydrates but it also sets your makeup and gives you a flawless final look. I never knew I was missing out on such a big beauty secret used by models and actors until I tried it myself. I gives me a nice dewy glow and keeps my makeup looking fresh. Our friends at Evian would love for you to try the Brumisateur too so we're giving away a few bottles to our readers. Simple send in your name, address and phone number to This give away is on first come first serve basis so act fast. The Evian Brumisateur is also available at drugstores.
To receive the full benefits of the Evian Brumisateur when applying make-up, just follow these simple steps:

  • Clean: After washing/cleansing the face, generously spray Evian over the entire face until it actually drips, wait a minute for the droplets to be absorbed and then pat the excess dry. Follow with your regular moisturizer to "seal in" the hydration.
  • Make-up: Apply make-up as normal.
  • Set: Holding the Evian canister further from the face, mist lightly in a circular motion one final time to set make-up in place and let air dry. Setting makeup helps it blend with the skin and gives it a more natural look. It also brings out more color.
  • Repeat: Repeating throughout the day keeps skin hydrated, refreshed, and looking its best.

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