Thursday, October 30

Interview with Jodi Arnold, designer of MINT Jodi Arnold

Jodi Arnold is the hip, modern and glam designer behind Mint Jodi Arnold. The contemporary line that has stolen the hearts of cosmopolitan women everywhere, who want au courant clothing. We had to get Jodi's insider dish on her take on the fashion world to what label she admires. View the entire Mint jodi Arnold collection here.

HM: What are your three favorite fibers or textiles to work with?
JA: I love all natural fibers. I enjoy silks like charmeuse, crepe de chine, and georgette silk the most for their drapeability. We use these a lot in the collection because they always give ease to any silhouette. I also enjoy cotton for its breathability and the possibility to create unique folds and darts that add interest. For coats and jackets I enjoy working in heavy wools. I aim at creating a jacket that is 3 dimensional and looks sharp on a hanger.
HM: What is your fashion philosophy
JA: For me, fashion is not art; it’s a fine line between art and commerce. It doesn’t make sense to me to create clothing that no one can wear. The joy is in creating something that is beautiful and art inspired yet wearable for many kinds of people.

HM: What are some of the first things you think of when you start to create a design?
JA: First and foremost, I always try to think of how I would feel wearing it. Would I feel frumpy? Would I feel like that it’s too young? Does it have something new and unique about it? Would I feel confident in this? Once I decide on a general silhouette, I see what I can do to make it new and interesting--a new pleat, a new drape, a new embellishment.

HM: Do you believe that any woman of any size can look sexy and glamorous?
JA: Of course! I love to see women of all sizes feeling confident. Feeling sexy and glamorous is about much more than the clothes you wear. It has everything to do with how you feel about yourself.

HM: Do you have a favorite piece from your own collections?
JA: I do; I love the Pia Dress from the Jodi Arnold Fall Collection. It’s easy to wear and I love the unique, hand crafted detail on the front.

HM: What fashion designer or label do you admire?
JA: I’m a fan of Dries Van Noten for its wearability and details, and I really admire Marc Jacobs for always pushing things forward.
HM: What is glamorous to you?
JA: For me, glamorous is feeling healthy and confident in my own skin.

HM: Speaking of your fashion designs, are you working on or thinking of anything new and innovative for the future?
JA: We are very excited about a new laptop bag we created for Intel that will be advertised in the December issue of Lucky Magazine. It was interesting to work on something that was a little out of our "comfort zone,” but as soon as we saw the need for a fashionable laptop bag we had a lot of fun with it.
HM: Do you personally have any favorite types of designs that you love to wear?
JA: Coming into Fall, I love wearing a nicely cut pair of trousers. After a Summer of wearing dresses and skinny jeans, trousers with a nice leg seem so new and sophisticated. I especially love them when worn with a long, chunky, oversized cardigan and a pair of lace up shoes with a slight heel.

HM: What do you hate seeing on a woman's body?
JA: I guess it depends on the woman’s body, but I don’t feel like I’m the one to decide. I like seeing a woman what makes her feel good.

HM: Do you have a favorite fashion icon?
JA: I can’t say that I have one particular fashion icon, however, I do love Carine Roitfeld’s look and the fact that she is ALWAYS in fierce heels.

HM: What is your favorite type of dress to create?
JA: Because the entire brand is art-inspired, I am always looking to put a unique twist on a traditional dress. Dresses are a fantastic way to feel comfortable, sexy, and versatile at the same time. I like to give a woman options with her dress- the ability to wear with or without a belt; with heels, flats, or boots; or from daytime to nighttime. And our dresses are, of course, always designed to flatter a woman’s body.

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