Wednesday, November 12

Harrys of London the Premier Shoe Boutique

With the dial of the world's media ostensibly stuck on covering the global 'Credit Crunch', one can not help but think that maybe now is the time to start being more careful with purchases. Investment pieces are essentially, by nature, classically designed, quality pieces, which are fashionable yet will be able to stand the test of time. As such a store such as Harrys of London, is the perfect place for a man with his eyes set on spending a little bit more to invest on some new footwear.

Allen Port Brush Calf Shoes - £350

A pair of classic leather oxford shoes are something no man should be without. They are the very epitomy of timeless footwear, and are the perfect addition to a suit. Indeed they are also a worthwhile investment due to their versatility, one can wear them for both meetings in the office, and for formal evening events. Remember that going too smart is better than going too casual.
Bentley Kudu Suede Olive - £325

Suede desert boots are also one of those designs that will never truly go 'out' of fashion. They are suited wonderfully to these colder months, adept to keeping one's feet dry, should a puddle get the best of you, with their raised ankle support. Desert boots can be worn both smart and casual, and this versatility again makes them a wise investment choice. They can be worn with jeans and a shirt or equally with a shirt and flannel suit for a more laid back smart approach.

Stanley Boot Vintage Bridle Dark Brown - £425

If you would rather not play it too safe, and have the yearning to express yourself, military lace up boots are the perfect option. Appearing regularly on the Fall/Winter runway, military boots are both practical and fashionable. They can again be worn in a variety of ways, adding an edge to a smart look, or creating a more relaxed casual look. Indeed an added choice is whether to allow one's jeans to fall over the boots, or if wearing a slimmer cut, to have them tucked inside. How far up one laces them is also a choice that will determine their overall 'look'.

P.S. Remeber that footwear lasts far longer if properly maintained! A shoe tree will help keep shape and regular gentle cleaning will stop the leather deteriorating quicker than natural.

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