Saturday, November 29

My Chic Chic Gifts Guide By Gabrielle Teare

For the man in your life
Give your man something to cuddle when you are out with the girls! A Stieff Karl Lagerfield Teddy made from white Alpaca Wool, wearing a black Italian Jacket, jeans from the KL collection, and a Swarovski Crystal Stud. Naturally it looks just like him, fantastically chic, snooty, and mesmerising.
All I Want For Christmas
Ingle and Rhode’s in house collection of ethical fine jewellery. Ingel and Rhode are the only ethical jewellers in London combining responsible product sourcing with timeless, glamorous pieces. The provenance of stones and metals are painstakingly researched to ensure minimum environmental damage and human exploitation.
For My Best Friend
Balaton Spa have produced a range of Spa products based on 100% natural ingredients and featuring rare Therapeutic Moorland Waters found only in Europe. Rich in minerals, vitamins and trace elements, they are Italian Styled, softly scented and full of skin loving ingredients like Camomile, Shea Butter, Rose Oils and Lavender.
My Little (6’4”) Brother!
What do you give a Senior Gastroenterologist who has 3 children, and everything a man could want?? I struggle every year, this year I know he will be dancing on the spot! The complete centerfolds.
Teenage Anxst No More
For the teenager celebrity wannabe and wannabe now! Researching for my clientele what to wear I have found this fab new website called Goddiva. This could also be for a Fashionista hit by the credit crunch these are seriously nice and great price too!

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