Tuesday, December 16

Beauty Basics, Tips For Gorgeous Hands

You can tell many things about a woman by looking at the state of her hands. Hands play a huge part in your overall look and if you have been neglecting them, it's really time to take notice. The best way to keep your hands looking flawless is to get a weekly manicure at a salon like my favorite, Dashing Diva . Or DIY by buying a manicure kit and a selection of nail polishes from the best nail polish companies, Essie and OPI. Don't forget to pick up a base coat and top coat

I've recently started using this great Rejuvenating Hand Cream by Become Beauty. I love it because it has some amazing ingredients like orange oil and peppermint that are clinically proven to improve the appearance of your hands. I also adore how fast it's absorbed and also pleased that the formula is non-greasy. I recommend slathering it on at night and then secure with cotton gloves to wake up with supple beautiful hands. Then apply it religiously during the day. Get your tube of Become Rejuvenating cream here.

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